Adam Ant for Sex Workers!

Adam Ant - The Drawn PetitionAdam Ant this week lended his image in support of The Drawn Petition, campaigning for policies that prioritise the human rights, safety and social inclusion of people working in the sex industry

The campaign, spearheaded by London artist Natasha Gomperts, consists of 1000 five-minute portraits (including Adam's, right) and will be exhibited from Monday 29 March - Sunday 4 April at The Gallery, Shepherd Market W1, bringing together the oldest recorded profession with the oldest way of recording life's key issues and events.

Members of the public are invited to visit The Gallery in the week of the exhibition, to add their face to the petition in support of those who have to keep their faces hidden from public view.

For more information on the exhibition and petition, visit the campaign website.

The Drawn Petition - flyer

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