NME - Does Rock 'n' Roll Kill Brain Cells?

NME - Adam AntEvery Adam & the Ants fan will know that Kings of the Wild Frontier "woz robbed" of the number one slot in early 1981, but it seems - quelle surprise - that even the almighty NME, who claims on their website to have "chronicled and helped to shape the history of music over the last 50 years" can't get their Ant facts right.

This week's edition features a pop quiz with Adam, testing his mental agility and memory of thirty years of on-off Ant action. Scoring 6 out of 10 (well, 7 out of 10 in real money), Adam faltered on remembering who directed the Apollo 9 video (come on, we've all forgotten Francis Frances...um whatisname's... errr, name every now and again..?), the number of years between Apollo 9 and Room at the Top (well he was having a swell old time over in Hollywood...), and some bird's name in an obscure* television part.

Not bad, considering the glaring inaccuracies in Adam's autobiography, Stand & Deliver....

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NME - Adam & the Ants

*Obscure, but yup - very good in our opinion...

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