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Kevin Mooney - Adam & the Ants 1980Teenage bassist Kevin Mooney has earned himself cult hero status amongst every rebellious young Ants fan over the years. In 2001, after twenty years of virtual silence regarding his time during the exciting and controversial Kings of the Wild Frontier period, Antpeople everywhere were invited to grill the so-called "bad boy" of Antmusic about his life, loves, "highs" and lows of being with the biggest band on the planet!

Give us a brief pre-Ants bio Kevin!
I was brought up in southeast London, Greenwich, with half-English half-Irish parents, and got into punk rock when I was 13 or 14, I was running around and knew all about Adam and Marco and stuff before I'd ever been in a band. Then when Malcolm stole the band, that's when I joined. I was in a couple of little bands, one was called European Cowboys and we rehearsed in a place called Mayhem in Battersea, where the Ants used to rehearse from time to time. There was this girl named Toyah, she used to run it.

Interview › Terry Lee Miall

Terry Lee Miall - Adam & the Ants 1981Back in October 1999, the Ant Lib organised its first full frontal (bathroom) function as a late night part of the annual Adam Ant Convention (back then organised by Umesh Mistry). A motley bunch of early Ant Lib members grabbed Adam & the Ants drummer 1980-1982 Terry Lee Miall for tasty grub and gossip at London's Rock Garden, Covent Garden.

Antpeople are in this type…
...and Terry Lee is in this one!

So, Terry tell us about your early influences?
Ringo Starr was the reason I got into drumming in the first place. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin …and Dave Barbe because I had to live up to him after he'd left the Ants. He's a fantastic drummer.

Adam Ant: The King of Sexual Diversity

Adam Ant - King of Sexual DiversityIn a previous article, I examined the lyrical content of Adam's songs and tried to make the case that his music had examined more types of sexual behaviour than any other musician. His songs have covered straight sex (S.E.X., Sexatise You, Strip, Playboy), sex in airplanes (Mile High Club), bathroom sex (Bathroom Function), high class prostitution (High Heels in High Places), sexual body art (Red Scab), sexual body piercing (Punk in the Supermarket), fellatio (Cleopatra), human orgasm (Can't Set The Rules About Love), sadomasochism (Beat My Guest, Whip In My Valise, Physical, Rough Stuff), transvestism (Greta X), exhibitionism (Lady), bondage (Ligotage, Human Bondage Den), homosexuality (Bright Lights, Black Leather, Piccadilly), lesbianism (All Girl Action), bestiality (Juanito the Bandito), infantilism (1969 Again), voyeurism (Lady), fetishes in general (Christian D’or, Survival of the Fetish) and specific fetishes like rubber (Rubber People).

Adam Ant: Sex and Perversion for Teenyboppers

Sex & Perversion for TeenyboppersProfessor Mark Griffiths is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of the International Gaming Research Unit, specialising in the areas of abnormal, social and health psychology with particular emphasis on behavioural addictions, cyberpsychology and the psychology of sexual behaviour. This article was originally published in Headpress 19: World Without End (1999) and is reproduced by Ant Lib Online with kind permission of the author.

I have been a fan of Adam Ant's music for nearly twenty years, which might lead some people to conclude that I am a few tracks short of an LP. However, as someone who takes more than a passing interest in human sexual behaviour (I teach a whole course on it here at Nottingham Trent University), I would argue that Adam's music has covered more atypical sexual behaviours than any other recording artist that I can think of (e.g. sadomasochism, bondage, spanking, transvestism, voyeurism, body piercing, fetishistic behaviour etc). Anyone who has followed Adam's career will recall that his music was billed in the late 1970s and early 1980s as "antmusic for sexpeople".

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