Adam Ant Appearance with Zodiac Mindwarp

Adam Ant - Live with Zodiac MindwarpAdam Ant took to the stage for a short, but highly memorable, live performance this evening with veteren alternative rockers Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction at the Pipeline Bar, London E1.

It may have been a 'secret' gig but it was by no means shy and retiring, as Adam wowed the audience of the small east London club with an "awesome" interpretation of the Zodiac Mindwarp classic Top 20 hit Prime Mover.
Will Crewdson of Rachel Stamp (who collaborated live with Adam & Marco back in 1997) told Ant Lib Online: "During the last encore Adam jumped up and shouted something like 'Come on you c*nts' about three times and Zodiac introduced him as he went straight into Prime Mover. I never saw Adam pre-Prince Charming live but I felt like I was watching him perform at the Marquee in '78 tonight. He pulled all the moves and was vicious as ever. This is what he needs to be doing - full on Punk Rock."

You can watch footage of Adam's show-stopping, shirt-stripping live performance below (apologies for lack of sound!)....

Adam Ant & Dave Barbe - A Tale of Two Intimate Ant Gigs

Adam Ant - Dave BarbeIf you go down to London today, you may be in for an Ant-shaped surprise. With plans afoot, contacts primed and advance tickets purchased "just in case" for a 'secret' club night performance from Adam Ant himself for Saturday, we headed over to Liquid Nation on Ladbroke Grove, west London on Thursday for a relaxing evening with "Family Man" Dave Barbe who we knew for definite would be appearing with his new indie electro outfit Guilty Fawn.

Now, Liquid Nation isn't that well known for its live music reputation. We know that, because it was 8.30pm on a Thursday evening and, apart from Caroline and I, the tiny crowd was mainly made up of the members of the other acts, a couple of locals and a particularly personality disordered soon-to-be-thrown out Quentin Crisp wannabe who decided to spit furiously at anyone daring to talk through the opening act. Fair enough, it was a acoustic guitar touting soloist with not much ampage, but I was greeting some old pals and original Ant fans from 'back in the day' who had arrived to show support for Dave - who by now had arrived wearing his football manager assemblage of sheepskin coat and flat cap.

Adam Ant for Sex Workers!

Adam Ant - The Drawn PetitionAdam Ant this week lended his image in support of The Drawn Petition, campaigning for policies that prioritise the human rights, safety and social inclusion of people working in the sex industry

The campaign, spearheaded by London artist Natasha Gomperts, consists of 1000 five-minute portraits (including Adam's, right) and will be exhibited from Monday 29 March - Sunday 4 April at The Gallery, Shepherd Market W1, bringing together the oldest recorded profession with the oldest way of recording life's key issues and events.

Members of the public are invited to visit The Gallery in the week of the exhibition, to add their face to the petition in support of those who have to keep their faces hidden from public view.

For more information on the exhibition and petition, visit the campaign website.

Adam Ant Live Gig - This Saturday!

Adam AntNearly three years since his appearance at the Bloomsbury Theatre, Adam Ant has confirmed this evening an intimate gig with the promoters of Southwark Playhouse on Saturday 20 March - this Saturday!

Adam has announced a short, intimate set of a few songs as part of the pirate-theme Shore Leave one-off special, featuring "Love-sick sailor boys and girls wring[ing] the last drop of rum from their remaining hours on dry land with bawdy bands and debauched burlesque, while DJs McKraken and DeMorgan spin swing, blues, gypsy-punk, Weimar jazz and cabaret trash and old time records from far flung ports, and a tatt-shack (natch)."

For advance tickets at just £6 each, visit TicketWeb.
For more information on the night visit the promoter's website here.

Interview › Kevin Mooney › 2005

Kevin Mooney - Adam & the AntsBack in 2005, Kevin Mooney released Mike's Bikes with his experimental alternative outfit the Lavender Pill Mob. Featuring Adam Ant's first officially released recording in ten years, Black Pirates, it was seen by some Adam & the Ants fans as exploitation of their hero who had been of a well-publicised fragile mental state at the time. Joined by Craig Burton, a long-term Ant Lib member and supporter, long-term Kevin Mooney aficionado and expert on all things Wide Boy Awake and (Lo)Max, we headed over to Barnsbury, north London to get some answers from the Ants' L'Enfant terrible...

So Kevin, give us the rough guide to your latest project, the Lavender Pill Mob...
Lavender Pill Mob is basically Gary Asquith and me. We've known each other since 1977, when I supported Rema Rema with my little band called the European Cowards, at Mayhem Studios in Battersea which was a place owned by Toyah Willcox. We've been friends ever since then and done our various projects, like Gary went on to do Renegade Soundwave, and me, Adam & the Ants, Wide Boy Awake, and Max. And after many years away I came back to England and met up with Gary in about 2002 we recorded our first album in 2003 - which was a very quick affair. I've described it in one of our press releases as our "collective breakdown", which it kind of is, like in the sense of break beats, and mental breakdowns in a way. And it's basically two old fellas who've stuck together over a long period of time and we're just putting our heads together and going back to our roots.

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