Lyric Trivia

Here's a bit of Ant trivia. Its what I recall from my teenage years with punky stuff - Independant anarcho punks Crass used to have sleeves that preached their message of anarchy and peace and all that...and I recall one sleeve article mentioning Adam Ant, in a not too pleasant light.

Now I seem to recall it was in their box set (Christ the album) but I dont think on reflection it was....thanks to my Google check on the dates.

You see Christ - The album came out in 1982. Adams 1981 Ant rap Contained the lyric ' So tired of those anarchists looking at me, dont need their credibility, defy they say, destroy, condemn, as long as you dont destroy them...' which I always saw as his reaction to their slagging him off . As Crass had a fairly select following I bet many Antfans didn't know the trivia, which I think is correct, but may of course be a load of codswallop as I was only twelve then and there's always the possiblity I've remembered it wrong.

So if its not Crass....who was the lyric aimed at?