Bug Reports & Support Requests

Ongoing / known issues:

'Home' link points to old website so you may be thrown out of the new site when being redirected after posting comments etc. Make sure you bookmark/visit http://www.adamandtheants.org/index.php to bring you back to the new Ant Lib Online.
This should be fixed when we make the full public switchover to the new site.

We haven't tested the new shopping cart via PayPal payment yet and therefore require willing volunteers to make genuine purchases so we can monitor functionality of our new integrated order fulfillment system. To show appreciation towards our first customers (who we'll pester for feedback), first 5 orders will receive a complimentary Ant badge pack.

HTML / formatted posting in the forums / comments is currently limited. We are currently awaiting new back-end developments so we can improve on posting features.

Embedded media (such as YouTube videos) require the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed if you are using Internet Explorer. There are no known embedded media issues with Firefox or Google Chrome.

Please let us know which browser & operating system you are using when reporting bugs as your issue might be specific to your browsing software. If you are using IE, we strongly recommend you moving to Firefox or Google Chrome. That's because IE is rubbish. No, it really is.

Please feel free to post any issues you find here :")