Feature Requests

On visiting the new Ant Lib Online, your first thoughts were probably, "OK, right - where the f*ck is everything"...

Most of the last few months have been spent developing and alpha testing the "back end" of the website. In plain English, that's all the stuff you don't actually see but chugs away in the background to make things work as they are meant to. This includes the 'social networking' aspects of the site, administration system, user interface and magic things built by clever computer geeks that most of us mere mortals don't understand.

The bare bones of the site have been set up - including Forum, Shop, Blog (for Ant Lib related news), Calendar/Events, Contact forms, User profile widgets, Product Reviews - with some example posts added to these for testing, commenting etc.
There will be more content (such as interviews / features / news) added once we establish the stability of each element - but please do feel free post any website feature requests / widget wish list for consideration here.