Welcome to the new Ant Lib Online website! Important - Please Read!

Er, hello, is thing thing on?
*Tap tap*
Ah yes... Hello everyone!

First off, many thanks for taking up our offer of joining the new Ant Lib Online website. The first thing you probably noticed is that there's not much content here yet. Honestly, that's not us being lazy (no - honest!), there's a jolly good reason for that.

If you are joining us from our invitation, you will know that we are still in the development phase of the new Ant Liberation Front website.

The idea of allowing Lifetime Subscribers early access, is so we can test the basics of the site (forum, shop, commenting etc) with our core / most active memberbase before the general public wade in to wax lyrical about Adam's hairline or Marco's projected cake consumption for 2010. Very nice these public type Antpeople may be, but it wouldn't look too nifty if we launched the site, added a load of sexy content and went *pop* overnight. This would, indeed, leave egg on the face.

This way, by initiating a soft launch for those most likely to offer feedback/spankings/gob, we can a) monitor and manage the pressure placed on our webhost b) correct issues/bugs as they are found. We will also be applying a loyalty points scheme to reward people for their constructive feedback/assistance/suggestions - more about all that later.

Please be aware that time/energy at Ant Lib HQ is at an absolute premium, so Ant Lib Online (as well as this month's other priorities such as Warriors 4) will take priority over questions about forthcoming events/Anthropology/next week's lottery draw predictions. So please bear with us for a month or two while we get the new website off the ground.

So go on, have a poke around - it won't take long! - get stuck into the forum, take the poll, browse our new merch, but most of all - be young, be fearless!