Hello! :)

Hi all! I thought it was about time I introduced myself since I have been a member of Ant Lib for just over 20 weeks now, according to my profile! I’m Emily, 18 years old, and I live in Hull, England. I have been a fan of Adam Ant since about May/June time of this year, I know that’s not a very long time really but I completely adore him and I just can’t get enough of his music, both Adam & The Ants and his solo stuff! As I have written on my profile, Strip is the best album I’ve ever bought, and what a bargain it was too! I purchased the LP from eBay for only about £4 (I chose to buy the LP rather than CD for the poster of course! ;) Even though it meant playing around with the songs in order to get them from the LP into the computer to put them on my iPod)! I love every song on it so much; Strip, Baby Let Me Scream At You, Montreal... simply amazing! Puss ‘n Boots will always be my favourite though, it was the song that started it all and I honestly can’t tell you how many times I must’ve watched the video on YouTube. Hands down, the best song I’ve ever heard, and I have my boyfriend to thank for playing it to me in the first place! Anyway, I think I’ve wrote about enough, maybe too much! :) Nice to be part of this site, I love it, and will soon be purchasing a t-shirt and lifetime subscription. :)