Thirty years on and I'm even more excited

Hi all

I feel like a Johnny Come Lately and one of the new breed you old skool Ant Libbers probably hate lol. But I finally had to join up after 30 years of being an Antperson.

Just bought my tickets for the Scala and feel just as excited as the first time I saw the Ants back in June 81 when they played the Cornwall Coliseum, which was also my first ever gig - still remember it vividly; pop kids down the front, the heavy heavy black leather and kilt brigade at the back. Strange that even as an 11-year-old it was Never Trust A Man that got to me that night more than Stand and Deliver etc.

I couldn't make the Prince Charming Revue at the same venue that Christmas and - this is a bit cringeworthy but I love her for it - my mum secretly wrote to Adam as I was devastated. He sent me a lovely hand-written letter, which I've cherished ever since. How many pop stars would do that eh? Not your fucking N-Dubz that's for sure...

Barely a month goes by when I don't listen to Dirk... if ever there was an album to earn the soubriquet "lost classic" that's it, though of course it's not lost to loads of us. You can keep your Unknown Pleasures.

I write about music now as part of my job and that's definitely down to Adam - I used to keep logs and scrapbooks about the Ants so it was his inspiration that got me started.

I'm madly obsessive about everyone from Bowie to the Pixies, but if there was one musical icon I could meet it would be Adam just to thank him for getting me into music in the first place and the joy he has given me for three decades.