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From the screeching opening horns of 'Scorpios' to the fade out of 'Los Hawaiians', prepare yourself for one final epic adventure...
...but the lacklustre and unnecessary re-recording of 'Stand & Deliver' is utterly unforgivable.

Once upon a time, there was this fabulous band called Adam & the Ants. In the beginning they were the most hated, disrespected bunch of post-punk whipping-boys, then - ta-dah! - suddenly became the biggest bloody thing on the planet. Then they released the Prince Charming album and everyone, except a comparatively scant collection of 'die hards', soon forgot about Adam & the Ants again. Moral of the story: Nobody likes a show-off.

Now, it's not that we dislike the Prince Charming album. Far from it. In fact we'd argue that it's one of the most under-rated albums of the 1980s. But that's the problem: we shouldn't have to labour such an argument. Fact is, that Prince Charming is under-rated due to what Adam & the Ants became in the latter part of 1981 - the year of the Ant.

This exotic, multi-layered, production of gorgeousness should be up there with the likes of Thriller, Brothers in Arms and Grange Hill: The Album but instead it suffered greatly from over production, over exposure, lack of experienced management and bad timing on behalf of the record company, which ultimately led to a meltdown for the band.

But, ridicule is nothing to be scared of and there are a few thousand Ant fans who'd pay testiment to that.

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