Mayhem and madness

Well, what a couple of weeks it's been in Antworld. We hear nothing for 3 years and crash whallop, Adam Ant is everywhere.....well everywhere in London that is.
When informed Adam was visiting a hairdresser is aid of a charity, it was hard not to think of Save The Gorilla 8 years or so ago, but when I heard his Mum was there, I felt reassured.
Adam himself looked happy and fresh and that I thought would be that for another few years.
Then hearing he was playing a gig on the Saturday, filled me with excitement. Was he ready for a return to the spotlight I wondered?
The surprise of seeing him a day earlier on video and hearing about The Bookshop gig whetted my appetite even more. This was vintage Adam Ant, full of energy and spunk.
You can only imagine my disappointment on hearing the reports from the 'main gig' on the Saturday then.
The sound of silence was deafening on the official website, with a few moans and groans and some worrying remarks about Adam's mental state. I trust the people there and never doubted their word. On watching the video when it came, even edited) my heart sank and I couldn't bear to watch it till the end. Honestly painful to anyone who loves Adam and his music etc.
It came home to me that Adam's personal life has gone tits up and he is fighting the black dog once again.
On the one hand, it is facinating to watch the man and all his many facets during this fortnight. Occasionally the Punk Adam surfaces and rebellious nature but then I read between the lines so to speak and it is clear he isn't looking after himself, probably never washed properly for days, same trousers and unshaven. This is a man in deep depression but yet to fall victim in the traditional manner.
Finally he gets noticed by the main press when out and about with Noel Fielding and that is when I really get worried. They have went easy on him this time around, not even a whimper from The Sun bar the video from last Sunday in Camden so I hope he has got away with it.
I don't want Adam Ant to be a medicated zombie, but neither do I wish to see him end up in the same way as 2002, full of wild claims and exaggerated ideas until something happens that gets him locked up and back to square one.
It is his choice and his life, and I don't presume to have the faintest idea about what to do about the current situation. Do we just go with the ride and let fate take it's course?
With Adam, I don't think we as fans can do anymore so the answer to that is yes.

He has built a wall around him which I last noticed watching The Madness of Prince Charming Docu. The Adam who we saw then watching his own film in the cinema reminds me of the Adam I have saw the last 2 weeks, edgy, not giving a shit attitude and delusioned.

Perhaps he justs wants time out from the Meds to feeling himself and have a blast for a couple of weeks. I just hope he knows when to call time before he faces time.

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